Spicy Jazz Adventure CD Production

It has been a real trip producing this CD!

It was as exiting as it was exhausting, very educational, and highly satisfactory in the end.

Of course there were many bumps in the road too, but it was well worth to take the hits. In fact, producing your own music is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. I recommend it to everyone!

One of the reasons why I produced this album was to prove that everyone can produce an album today on a very tied budget, with phenomenal musicians. And I want to share this experience with you, so you can do it too.

I thought the best way to do this is by creating an iBook where I can go into all the details surrounding this production from start to finish.

This iBook is aimed towards musicians, song writers, and any music creator who wants to find out how I produced our first Spicy Jazz Adventure CD on a very tied budget by doing most of the work myself.
So before you read more about it take a moment and sign up for my iBook release notification email list, so I can let you know when the book is available. I will not pass on your email to anyone, I promise you that.